The Anniversary Box

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’Not me, we. And 24 other ways to keep love alive.” Boston Globe, August 1, 2021 – read the story.

“The Anniversary Box” inspires workshops – read the story.

Book debuts – read the story.

Tom Murphy writes new novel, The Anniversary Box, Old Colonial, Plymouth, MA, July 24, 2021 – read the story.

Author pens book on relationship success

Masks are coming off, and the pandemic is receding. Now is the time for couples to reaffirm their relationships and make them stronger.

Research shows that relationships – especially love relationships – came under great strain during the pandemic. How does love bounce back? How do make our relationships stronger than before?

Tom Murphy has written a novella, a love story set in Garden City called The Anniversary Box, that lays out a “roadmap” for relationship success. In the story, a daughter learns the secret to make love last a lifetime from the example of her parents.

Here’s the storyline: Six weeks before her wedding, Peggy Moore discovers that her parents created an “anniversary box.” Each year on their anniversary during their twenty-four-year marriage they would write a message to affirm their love then seal the messages away in an Anniversary Box. Now, as she and her fiancé have an intense disagreement, she feels lost. Her mom is deceased and her dad has suffered a debilitating stroke so she can’t turn to them. Instead, she sets out to find their missing “anniversary box” to learn the secret to keep love alive for a lifetime before stepping to the altar herself.

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