The Anniversary Box

Share Your Secret to “Anniversary Success”

“The Anniversary Box” novel explores the “secret” to sustaining love, supporting it to grow and keeping love strong. We’ve been getting wonderful stories from couples who have been married from one to seventy years – and many are eager to talk about what it takes to keep the “bloom on the rose.”

So we’ve created a feature to give couples an opportunity to
share what works for them – and we’ll post the stories on our website.

Tell us in 25 words or less what’s the secret to success in your relationship: what do the two of you do RIGHT to keep love going strong.

Upload a photo of the two of you also. Then look for your story on our website – we’ll email you to let you know it’s up.

We’ll send you a “digital” rose to thank you for joining in and
making this “roundtable” a success.

Thank you for sharing guidance that others can use as a “roadmap” to support their love to grow.

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