The Anniversary Box

“The Anniversary Box Workshops and Roundtables

Romance should be fun – and that’s the idea behind
“The Anniversary Box Workshop” series, as well as the upcoming “Roundtable” series.“The Anniversary Box – A Love Story,” offers a roadmap for building on strengths in a relationship and making them stronger. Drawing upon themes in O Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi,” the story follows a young woman who, as she is about to get married, sets out to find her parents’ missing “anniversary box” to learn the secret to the success they achieved in their relationship before she steps to the altar herself.

At a Workshop, participants will have a chance to learn how to create their own Anniversary Box. We’ll discuss the twenty-four “messages” in the story, which can be grouped into three categories, and give participants a chance to match them to positive experiences in their own lives. Covid strained relationships with its focus on isolation, social distancing and lockdowns. As the world reopens, Tom, the author, will prompt discussion by offering thoughts on how relationships can be made stronger, using themes in the book, and participants will be invited to share their strategies.

The idea is to make talking about ways to keep love alive a fun experience – and give participants something valuable they will be able to take away. Participants can keep the messages for themselves, as reminders, and add to them on their anniversaries. Or for those who have children or grandchildren, they can give the messages to those in their families’ next generation – to support them with insights that have worked for them over the years.

That way one generation can support the next to learn how to keep live alive – and keep on track by identifying and building on strengths.

Love puts a “bloom on the rose,” but the question becomes how to keep the bloom alive, how to make it grow and flourish – and sustain it for the joy love can add to a life?

That’s a worthy topic for a “workshop” – and it will be fun to share ideas and give people a chance to create their own roadmaps to successful relationships.

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We’ll also be developing a “Roundtable Series,” which we’ll call “Bloom on the Rose Roundtable.” It’s one thing to find love. The key becomes sustaining it, growing it and keeping the bloom on the rose.

The session will give readers of the book a chance to come together for fun – and share their thoughts on how the book’s themes can be put into practice to make romance fun.

We work with restaurants and taverns that serve “Barb’s Beer,” to support our cure lung cancer campaign. We’ll be enlisting them to host these “Anniversary Box Roundtables,” and those participants who enjoy beer can enjoy a pint of “Barb’s Beer” to facilitate discussion – and support a cure for lung cancer.

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